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Maped geometry Kit - Special LEFT HANDED, 3 pieces, transparent /Maped Kit geometrie Spécial Gauchers, 3 pièces, transparent

RM 19.00

THE 3 IN 1 KIT FOR LEFT HANDED: Specially designed by Maped, this kit brings together all the instruments your child needs, graduated in reverse order to make learning geometry easier. Gathered here in a single set, the special left-handed geometry instruments are essential assets for the success of college students.

EASE OF USE: The adapted shapes of the ruler, square and protractor make them easier to use by left-handers. Thanks to their ergonomics, the handling of the instruments is optimized. The stain-resistant edges of the ruler help your child achieve crisp, clean lines without difficulty. Finally, the transparency of the instruments further facilitates their use.

A VERSATILE SET FOR ALL SCHOOL PURPOSES: This kit will accompany children for many years at school. The robustness of the materials used, their lightness, as well as their dimensions are ideal for multiple uses. The ruler is 30 cm graduated, the school square measures 21 cm and the protractor 12 cm.


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